Strength and Conditioning classes at Swing Dance events

As I usually do on the weekends if I’m not working I’m just watching Lindy Hop videos on YouTube to get some inspiration for my dancing. Recently Stompology went down in New York and I had to check out the competitions to see what type of stuff the dancers were doing and pretty much seeing what I need to work on to be a better slow solo jazz dancer. I can dance really well to fast music but I’m nearly anemic when it comes to slow songs,0 so I always commend the finalist on their creativity at the slower tempos. Also, the things they think of to the faster songs, I hope to one day attend that event and compete. Anyways after watching one video I stumbled across a class recap titled Balance, Strength and Conditioning from Stompology featuring Juan Villafane and Evita Arce. It made me curious, so I clicked on it and took a gander and posted it in the blog so you can to.

And here are my thoughts accompanied by my awesome beard



In summary I’m super excited to see fitness classes at workshop events and hope to continue to see more. I’d love to see someone like Nick Williams to teach these but if you can’t get Nick and want this I’ll recommend myself I’m dead serious about this, I’ve put a lot of time into seeing how my sports performance training background can lend to this art form.  A Needs Analysis of Lindy Hop shows how much exercise can benefit your dancing as well as your life in general. Also, here’s my article on  Flexibility the youtube links you’ll have to copy and paste over to another window for some reason I couldn’t embed all of them. Hope you enjoyed this post as it wasn’t planned it just happened spur the moment. So comment with questions, arguments or just fill me in on what the class really totally entailed.

Love y’all and God Bless 🙂


4 thoughts on “Strength and Conditioning classes at Swing Dance events

  1. Hello! I just gotta say that I recently found your blog and am really excited about it. I am rebounding from a foot injury after a year of NO lindy (makes me depressed to even write it). would say that before my break I was at an intermediate level. I have been doing some exercises in the meantime at a gym – bodyweight and weights, but nothing high impact or even much cardio yet. Do you have any tips? I Thank you 🙂

    • Well, my tips first and foremost would be follow any advice that a medical practitioner would give you to help you out on the road to recovery as they’d have greater knowledge of how your injury will respond. Specifically I’d consult the advice of a physical therapist as I’m really only efficient at training people to prevent injuries rather then recover from them. I say stick to activities and exercises that don’t aggravate your foot. So be careful with the weights as that can overload the foot too much and possibly slow down your recovery. Most importantly listen to your body. If you feel that you should rest, REST!!

      I’m glad you enjoy your blog and will be praying that you’re able to get more specific advice from more qualified parties to get you back on the dance floor 🙂

      • Thanks a lot for your reply 🙂 I’ve been seeing a PT, and will be gauging how my foot feels. On a side note, kinesio taping seems to help.

        I really wish that injury prevention was a bigger focus in the lindy scene – it feels like it is hardly discussed and no one ever gets injured. That certainly can’t be true! All those links you posted will be definitely helpful once I get back into the game 🙂

      • Kinesio Tape is amazing!! I had issues with my right elbow for a period of time and it hurt to pull follows through on a swing out. I’d wear it while weight lifting and leave it on for dancing.

        I totally want to get into writing about injury prevention through strengthening exercises and specific flexibility modalities. Keep me posted on your progress 🙂 thanks so much for reading and your comments.

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