Lindy Hop Resolutions

Let me start this off first by saying *clears throat* HAPPY LINDY FOCUS DAY!!! 

For us who aren’t there, that means we’ll be reading facebook post, after facebook post, after facebook post from the people we know who are in attendance. So it’ll kind of seem like we’re there but not at all really…not even close. During this time it’s easy to just sit and sigh at the fact that you’re missing out on this awesome event. Instead let’s  take a page out of the quote from probably one of my favorite fictional characters all time….Barney Stinson. Instead of getting sad for not being at Lindy Focus how about we be awesome instead, so was born Lindy Hop resolutions. 

Lindy Hop Resolutions started because I never really did New Years Resolutions outside of me taking on one to Deadlift on a regular basis while training but other then that I only do this for my dancing. I’d set out things that I really want to accomplish and pretty much try to make it happen by the end of the year. The biggest one I set for myself was to learn some tap dancing and thanks to Falty and Delilah Williams, I learned how to put some tap dance moves into my lindy hop and solo jazz. Ever since I started doing this I’ve seem to get more out of my dancing because I have a specific task with a time limit on it. This is a period of time to focus and really find out what it is that you want from your dancing and set out the task to do it. For 2014 I focused on being an encouraging to young dancers in our scene, start teaching in Dallas and Choreograph 2 pieces (I only choreographed 1). A lot of my resolutions were more milestone wise and focused on strengthening the community and getting me out of my comfort zone.

2015 is all about the process. I did a lot of focusing on outcomes as I really only had fun in 3 competitions this year as having fun was a goal and that fell by the way side tremendously. Got myself thinking about too many outcomes when my success and confidence as a Track Athlete comes from a good process of preparation. So most of my resolutions focus on the process of improving my dancing and building the community.

2015 Lindy Hop Resolutions

  1. Take at least 1 private lesson per Quarter- putting myself in a situation to really have my dancing dissected isn’t the most comforting thought but if i can learn to watch myself dance on video objectively. This will be something that pays dividends.
  2. Practice minimum 3 times a week- I know the great dancers are putting in more time then this but the mind set is to start out small and as my confidence grows so will the number of sessions.
  3. Participate in at least 1 group practice per Quarter- Practicing with a group of people can benefit me way more then just on my own. I need to cut down on being a loner
  4. Travel and house with dancers I already know- I tend to bond more with dancers when i ride with them to an event or we stay in the same housing. This can help create deeper bonds in not only the local community but the national one as well.
  5. Believe that I’m a talented dancer and instructor- I never want to be an arrogant prick but I do need to realize that I possess talent. Am I the best Hecks no but do I have an ability to inspire others hecks yes and I need to believe in myself but be willing to listen and always learn


So there you have it my brothers and sister who aren’t at Lindy Focus. My decree to y’all is to not feel lowly or jealous (even though Lindy Focus is the bees knees from what I hear). Instead of getting sad let’s commit to getting awesome.

Love you all and dance inspired and be inspired 🙂


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