Happy New Year y’all and thank you for reading this blog and thank you for waiting patiently between post as I was hoping to be doing a lot more posting but life got hectic after Lindfyfest and had little time to research or come up with any topics to write…HOORAY FOR BEING AN ADULT. Anyways I’ve been realizing that I haven’t had any materialized thoughts on how to sum up my 2015 and what I’m looking to do in 2016.


Thanks to the ever so enthusiastic Colleen out of Austin, Texas (find her for a dance leads if you’re ever down at the Austin Lindy Exchange or Lindyfest in Houston). Asked us to describe 2015 in one word. I thought about it and the only thing that came to mind was speechless, so many things happened this past year that just left me absolutely speechless. I started out 2015 without a car because of a crash I had and I was blessed to have a ton of people chip in to help me pay for it to get repaired. I’ve never been felt so loved before in my life by my church and by my dance scene.

I made finals at a National level event for the first time in such an amazing fun way. This year at the Lone Star Championships at Lindyfest I made finals with my friend Keli (another fun dance if you’re ever in Austin leads) in the Open Strictly and in the Intermediate Jack and Jill. The Strictly was pretty special because Keli and I hadn’t danced together since August of 2014 and our first time dancing was at the Thursday night dance and we  didn’t dance again until prelims. I’ll never forget her face as she looked at me before we went out of the opening all skate asking “how did this happen?”. It was a magical and fun moment and was really fun to share it with her and hope we have more moments like that in 2016.Later in the year I had the pleasure of getting to teach with Keli at the Harvest Moon Ball down in Houston, Texas and it was an absolute hoot of a time.


2015 exposed me to so much awesome music and amazing dancers. I had the pleasure of dancing to Jonathan Stout and His Campus 5, Jonathan Doyle Quintet, Naomi and her Handsome Devils, The Waller Creek Vipers in every major city in Texas and the Palmetto Bug Stompers just to name a few. ILHC and ULHS showed me how big this dance community and how long the spectrum the dances of the swing era can be stretched with so many varying styles and interpretations. Pretty much I’m just chasing opportunities to inspire other dancers and bring them along for the ride to wonderful events like these to open their horizons.


After seeing how 2015 left me speechless with so many amazing happenings of which I only cracked the surface of. My roommate and I discussed last night after the ball dropped that this year is the year of GO FOR IT. I think for the first time I’m believing the talent that I possess as a dancer and as an instructor. I took a chance applying to be an instructor in Germany and that put me on the path to really chasing the crazy dance dreams that I have. I was given great encouragement in my teaching ability motivating me to go after more opportunities to not just dance but inspire others to dance, take risk and possibly fly. I’m looking to perform, DJ, compete and social dance in ways that I’ve never have to bring people into this dance.

I’m incredibly blessed to have the people in my corner that I do and that they encourage me day after day to chase these insane dreams. Heck some of  you just figure I’m doing it and living it out already. My dad told me that the only any of us can do better is just make sure that each day we’re given, we should look to be better then we were the day before. How I do that I’ll write at another time. Thank you all for reading and responding to my post on the Facebook like page. Love y’all and hope we get to dance sometime. 🙂