What is Lindy Fitness?

Lindy Fitness is a blog that is dedicated to relaying information from the Health, Fitness and Sports performance world and how they cross over into the world of Lindy Hop. My hope is to inspire dancers to not only utilize exercise as a means of improving their dancing but to also help them live a healthy way of life that will prolong their days of being able to take part in this amazing dance.

Who is Lindy Fitness? (About the Author)

I’m Shelby Johnson and I just so happen to be a Lindy Hopper and a Certified Fitness Trainer. I’ve been dancing all my life with no really formal technique training in hip hop and contemporary. Until I started dancing Lindy Hop in February of 2011 with the Swing Knights at the University of Central Florida. Along with learning the swing out, Solo Jazz, Charleston and Balboa I was coaching Women’s Track and Field while attaining my Masters in Sports and Fitness: Sports Leadership and Coaching; after running track for 10 years and getting my Bachelors at the University of Akron in Athletic Coaching Education. I became a Certified Fitness Trainer in November of 2012. I’ve been dancing and competing in Lindy Hop for 3 years and now live in Dallas, Texas and I am a Personal Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness looking to one day open my very own fitness and dance studio.




How Did Lindy Fitness Come to Life?

Lindy Fitness came to mind while a lot of dancers I spoke to utilized Lindy hop and swing as a means of exercise. As a fitness trainer I love to be able to help people really learn an effective means of exercise and getting healthy. I also realized that my background as an athlete helped me improve in my dancing because the manner my body was trained in the 10 years I ran track , 8 years playing basketball, 3 years of football and 2 years of playing Ultimate Frisbee. I scoured the internet looking for resources that talked about exercise and Lindy but to my dismay no blogs existed and so the idea of Lindy Fit was born and this idea intrigued a lot of my Lindy Hop friends. The kicker to making this happen was the Lindy Hop Cross Training add on at Lindy Focus XII (2013-2014). So if anyone was wondering. Yes this blog is a direct response to that. I feel if you have the means to help others you should help and this is a response to that and I hope y’all are blessed by my writing and ask oodles of questions. I’ll be supporting a lot of my information through peer reviewed literature, college textbooks and books from many sports science and fitness certification organizations and articles written by leading minds of sports and fitness training.

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